Glozell Green is a guest and participant of Joey Graceffa's new show, Escape the Night.

Episode 1 Edit

Glozell is first seen reading the note Joey sent her, eating doritos. She comes to the house, dressed up, and hangs out with everyone. Glozell has dinner with the other guests, and was having a good time until Shane started coughing up blood. Glozell and the guests find that Shane is poisoned, and the only way to cure him is to find three keys hidden within the house. Glozell goes out with her group and in a few minutes finds the first key. However, the other groups were to slow and Shane perished. Glozell started screaming in horror and sadness at Shane's death. Glozell also freaked out at the severed head.

Episode 2 Edit

Glozell helps the group solve a series of puzzles. She with the other group, finds out that two people must be trapped in something called "The Ungodly Machine" and two more people must help them get out. One person can get out alive, but the other must perish from poisonous gas. The two names picked are Lele and Andrea. Glozell reveals that the whole time she was hoping Lele would come back out. It is revealed that Lele did make it out alive. Glozell is happy, but then listens to the group accusing Justine of killing Andrea on purpose.

Episode 3 Edit

Glozell is seen in the episode. They are accusing the group of working with the evil. After finding three articles of clothing, they preform a seance and find out that they need to find a coffin and a key. After finding and unlocking the coffin, they find that someone needs to be buried alive in the coffin. Glozell forms an alliance and decides to put Justine. Justine's name is pulled out, and Glozell doesn't care about Justine as she tries running away, but is caught, put into the coffin, and buried alive.

Episode 4 Edit

Glozell dies in this episode. Glozell helps recover the third episode, but accuses Joey of working with the evil. They find a room full of mannequins, and they have to vote two guests to participate in Perverted Games. Glozell, still accusing Joey of working with the evil, puts his name in the hat, and somehow, Joey's name is chosen, along with Lele. After the two go up to play the games. Glozell reveals to the group she was the one who put Joey in. After some talking with the group, Glozell starts choking while Matt is explaining to the group why he put Lele's name in. Glozell, panicking, tries to stand up, but breaks her cane as she falls on the floor. She rolls around, and her accessories and weave fall off. Glozell starts gagging uncontrollably and coughing up blood before finally twerking to death.

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